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capsiplex, Capsaicinoids, Capsicum, weight lost, chilli pepper, fat burners, red pepper, black pepper


How Many Calories Can Burn With Capsiplex?

capsiplex, Capsaicinoids, Capsicum, weight lost, chilli pepper, fat burners, red pepper, black pepper

Compound in Chili Peppers May Promote Weight Loss

Capsaicin--the chemical that gives chili peppers their spicy kick--may promote weight loss, according to a new study on animals. The study's findings suggest that capsaicin may be useful in the fight against obesity.

For the study, scientists fed lab rats high-fat diets with or without capsaicin. Results revealed that the capsaicin-treated rats lost eight percent of their body weight over the course of the study. What's more, capsaicin appeared to trigger changes in the treatment group's levels of at least 20 proteins involved in breaking down fats.

In past studies, capsaicin has been found to lower calorie intake (possibly by suppressing appetite) and reduce levels of blood fats (harmful substances known to contribute to heart disease). The compound also appears to aid in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, back pain, and psoriasis.


The new natural slimming pill Capsiplex, from the UK has an aim to help you lose weight utilising its specially designed formulation of capsicum (hot pepper). The makers of Capsiplex affirm that by taking this supplement the average person could burn up to 278 calories, before, during and after a workout.
This is the equivalent of 20 minutes of strenuous exercise or 80 minutes of walking, and akin to eating one hamburger or a cheese pizza. It is also said that people who take Capsiplex immediately after their workout will burn about 12 more calories than if they hadn’t taken Capsiplex. Overall consuming 278 calories a day would result in a massive weight gain of 25 pounds a year!

Coined the “chilli pill” and is growing in popularity especially with Hollywood’s A – list celebrities, it is made of completely natural ingredients. Capsicum, Caffeine and Niacin. Which in themselves are present in many other foods and drinks. No side effects have been associated with the usage of the supplement have ever been reported since Capsiplex’s release. Capsicum extract is clinically proven to reduce appetite, increase your resting metabolism, burn calories and reduce body fat and mass greatly.

It uses the capsicum to burn off calories in a safe way. It has been common knowledge for a while now that capsicum can have a big impact on the speed of the metabolism helping people to lose weight very quickly. The obstacle that Capsiplex have managed to overcome is the chronic irritation due to the intolerable heat that capsicum at this quantity would cause to most people. Scientists came up with a solution to this problem by putting a special layer over these natural fat busters which reduces the irritation by a big degree. This way people can take Capsiplex safely and comfortably, it probably is the safest possible way to consume such a large amount of Capsicum without any nasty adverse effects. While they do work to their full potential when taken with a sensible balanced diet and regular exercise, it is not essential that drastic changes are made to your lifestyle to achieve a result. And it is not so much what you put in as what you take out of your diet that will also help you to lose the weight you want.

As well as a great tool to your weight loss, there are a number of additional benefits you can achieve while taking Capsiplex. Capsaicin can reduce your risk of many cardiovascular conditions because it has been shown to counteract arrhythmias of the heart, cleanse the bad LDL cholesterols from the body, regulate blood glucose levels and that is just for starters. If you are looking for not only a powerful, safe weight loss supplement but also a healthier body then look no further than Capsiplex.


capsiplex, Capsaicinoids, Capsicum, weight lost, chilli pepper, fat burners, red pepper, black pepper